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Education in a Warzone [Podcast]


In some regions of the Middle East today, conflict impacts students' daily educational experience. Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, militants have targeted educational establishments, thousands of academics have fled the country, and up to 70% of schools have been closed. People in this region maintain their high regard for education in the face of adversity, as this podcast relates.

Recorded in 2008 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the allied military invasion of Iraq, this podcast is made by Iraqi journalists about the daily life experiences of Iraqi children trying to pursue an education during a period of war. Young Iraqis report dodging bombs on their way to schools, being forced to discontinue their studies, and having to complete homework assignments without electricity.


ABC Radio National, Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold, April 13, 2008, (accessed July 1, 2010). Annotated by Heidi Morrison.

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